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क्रँकशाफ्ट चरखी

क्रँकशाफ्ट चरखी

Many modern cars use belts that interact with generators. For this type of belt, use pulleys with fully cast or welded construction, and the grooves follow the shape of the belt.
According to the design, the pulley is fixed with a nut or bolt and slides to the end of the shaft through a key. Because of its simple design and very long pulley, it can easily bear the whole service life of the मोटर.

We can provide the matching crankshaft pulley of the following car brands. If the model you need is not listed, please contact us

Nissan 12303-ED001 12303-CJ40A Nissan 12303-0W001 Nissan 12303-0M300  OM210 Nissan 12303-43G01 Nissan 12303-VJ260
Nissan 12303-9S100 Nissan 12303-VB501 NISSAN 12303-ED50A 12303EN20C Nissan 12303-EB70B Nissan 12303-03J00
Nissan 12303-7Y000 Nissan 12303-62J20 12303-62J00 Nissan 12303-21V11 Nissan 12303-19D11 Nissan 12303-8J101
Nissan 12303-85G05 Nissan 12303-62T20 Nissan 12303-41B00 Nissan 31U00-31U1A 1230331U10 Nissan 12303-VC200
Nissan12303-4M710 12303-4M400 Nissan 12303-AG001 Nissan 12303-VB002 Nissan 12303-2J200 निसान 8200048486
for TOYOTA 13408-17919 13408-17010 TOYOTA 13408-74010 13408-74020 TOYOTA 13470-BZ030 TOYOTA 13408-17030 TOYOTA 13470-23030 13470-BZ010 13470-BZ011
TOYOTA 13408-17010 TOYOTA 13408-74010 13408-74020 TOYOTA 13470-BZ030 TOYOTA 13408-75030 13408-74031 TOYOTA 13408-67020
TOYOTA 13470-BZ030 TOYOTA 13470-BZ030 TOYOTA 13470-BZ030 TOYOTA 13470-BZ030 TOYOTA 13470-BZ030
 TOYOTA 13470-22020 13470-0D010 13470-22021 TOYOTA 13470-87317 TOYOTA 13470-36010 13470-0V030 TOYOTA 13407-21030 TOYOTA 13407-70090
TOYOTA 13407-50091 13407-0F010 SK594203 TOYOTA 13408-62030 SK594227 TOYOTA 13408-74031 13408-74041 SK594139 TOYOTA 13470-28020 0H030  TOYOTA 13470-35020 13408- 38010 SK594073
HONDA 13811-P00-U00 HONDA 13810-P8A-003 90704-PT0-000 HONDA 13810-R1A-G01 HONDA 13810-RCA-A01 HONDA 13810-P2K-003 HONDA 13810-RNA-A02
HONDA 13810-RBD-E01 HONDA 13810-P3F-003 HONDA 13810-PNA-013 HONDA 13810-T2K-003 13811-P2A-000 HONDA 13810-R40-A01 HONDA 13810-PT1-003
HONDA 13810-PLM-A01 90704-634-000 HONDA 13810-P2K-J01 13810P2KJ01 HONDA 13810-RZP-003 HONDA 13810-POA-003 HONDA 13810-RZA-003 HONDA 13810-PWA-013 13810PWC013
MITSUBISHI MD074403 MITSUBISHI MD306158 मित्सुबिशी ME202496 MITSUBISHI MD376609 MD376608 MD300517 MITSUBISHI MD141468
PEUGEOT 0515.K6 9624345280 PEUGEOT 0515.R4 PEUGEOT 0515.S2 PEUGEOT 0515.S6 0515.N3
PEUGEOT 0515.R8 0515.S1 0515.P1 0515.N0 PEUGEOT 0515.J3 9611804880 PEUGEOT 405 0515.H6 9617891980 PEUGEOT J9 0515.C8

कोणतेही परिणाम आढळले नाहीत

आपण विनंती केलेले पृष्ठ सापडू शकले नाही. तुमचे शोधन विशुद्ध प्रयत्न करा, किंवा पोस्ट शोधण्यास वरील सुचालन वापरा.

Crankshaft Pulley Removal and Installation


BMW फोर्ड टोयोटा ऑटोमोबाईल रिपेअर रिप्लेसमेंट पार्ट्ससाठी क्रँकशाफ्ट पुली


Crankshaft damper remover

BMW फोर्ड टोयोटा ऑटोमोबाईल रिपेअर रिप्लेसमेंट पार्ट्ससाठी क्रँकशाफ्ट पुलीCrankshaft damper replacer

1. Remove engine cooling fan and fan shield (8146). For more information, see section 303-03.
2. Remove the drive belt (8620). For more information, see section 303-05.
3. Lift the vehicle with a crane. For more information, see section 100-02.
4. Remove crankshaft pulley bolt (6A340).
5. Use crankshaft damper remover to remove crankshaft pulley (6312)


BMW फोर्ड टोयोटा ऑटोमोबाईल रिपेअर रिप्लेसमेंट पार्ट्ससाठी क्रँकशाफ्ट पुली

  1.  Note: If it is not fixed within 4 minutes, these sealants must be removed, and the sealing area must be cleaned with metal surface cleaner F4AZ-19A536-RA or equivalent product conforming to Ford specifications
    WSE-M5B392-A。 Allow to dry until there is no sign of moisture, or 4 minutes, whichever is longer. Failure to follow this procedure may result in future oil leaks
    Apply silicone to the half moon keyway of the crankshaft handle
    Use silicone gasket and sealant F7AZ-19554-EA or equivalent conforming to Fordspedflcatlon WSE-M4G323-A42.
  2. Use the crankshaft damper changer to stall the crankshaft pulley.
  3. Tighten the crankshaft pulley bolts in four stages
    Stage 1: Tighten to 90 Nm (66 lb.ft).
    Stage 2: Release 360 degrees.
    Stage 3: Tighten to 47-53 Nm (35-39 lb ft)
    Stage 4: Tighten an additional 85-95 degrees
  4. Lower the vehicle
  5. Install engine cooling fan and fan shield.